The brand powerhouse.
Sounds good, huh?

Nice to greet you.

Dyseno is a young, yet experienced, brand agency. Based in The Netherlands, but operating internationally. We are best described by: ambitious dreamers with an entrepreneurial open-minded mindset. Oh, and don’t forget: food fanatics.

What we desire.

Brands with which people can identify. Our believe is that brands are more than designations for products, services or people. They tell stories.

What we do about it.

Bringing brands to life. Our daily task is to create lively brands that resonate with its customers. All by creating the right experiences for the right touchpoints.

Why we think different.

We’re fresh youngsters. The 90’s is our decade. We grew up with internet, making the online world our playground. The world is changing rapidly with its technological and social changes. Since we’re young and ambitious, we easily change with it.

We’re experienced entrepreneurs. Since we were little kids, we have set up many of our own brands which we have built from the ground up. That made us grow into being branding experts. This not only means that we know what we are talking about. We are actually doing it ourselves.

We’re sexy. No seriously, look at us.

We’re international. Being an internationally oriented human being is embedded in our DNA. Never fully fitting in a nationality comes with the advantage of fitting in everywhere.

Our own brands:

The humans.

Our culture consists of various freelancers, all with a specific expertise and an indomable passion for building brands. From graphic designers to programmatic marketeers, from developers to copywriters.

The all-round leading forces are the founders (and friends) Daniël and Amran. They have more than ten years of self-taught experience in creating brands. They both graduated in Media Design and Media & Entertainment Management.

At Dyseno we have a great mix of different cultures. We love to wander this planet and create powerful brands all around the world. It’s time to meet the people that bring the electricity to the brand powerhouse!

Daniël Diaz Brea

CEO & Concept Strategist
Amran Hardan

CEO & Marketing Strategist
Ssu Patty

Graphic Designer

Marketing & Communication